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David Maus does not do what he says on TV that he will not turn away anyone. I tried to trade in my 2009 Tacoma for a 2010 prius and did I ever get shafted.

Noone wanted to deal with me. Said my Tacoma was only worth 13000 top trade. This is the end of the year and the new 2011 vehicles are coming out. Tried to take it off their hands but the pmt.

they wanted was way over the limit. My truck did not mean anything to them. We have bought 3 Toyota's from David Maus and have always left happy but not this time. Noone wanted to deal.

The mgr. came out and shook my hand and told me to have a good day, they could not deal with me. You would think they would like to clear the 2010 inventory.

I work hard to make my truck pmts. I don't think I want to deal with David Maus anymore.

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