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Recently my wife and I had an issue with our 2006 Rav4 check engine light. We took our vehicle to David Maus Toyota in Sanford Fl to have it checked out. Our vehicle was 430 miles past the warranty limit so we ponied up the $500 for the repair. 2 days later we noticed the check engine light again.

Our second trip to the service department yielded a similar result. Same problem diagnosed. Apparently the ignition coils had given up the ghost, again. Another $300 or so later and we were on our way, again.

Two days later... you guessed it, check engine light again. Instead of running back to the expensive dealer service for repair I had the codes read by an auto parts store. Same diagnosis, ignition coils misfiring. I did some reading and realized that the ignition coils are very simple to replace. I ordered 3 OEM coils and started replacing the same coils that the service department had already replaced, twice.

Over the next few weeks I battled with the check engine light and error codes from mis firing coils. It soon became apparent that these ignition coil codes were not caused by repeatedly failing coils as the engine coolant level started diminishing. Realizing that the first two trips to the service department had yielded a mis-diagnosis, I made an appointment to return the Rav and have it looked at, yet again.

After 2 weeks of them having the vehicle I got the call. The service manager explained that we needed to have the entire motor replaced due to blown head gaskets. Apparently the blown head gaskets were causing misfires of the spark plugs, thus setting error codes for the coil malfunctions.

The service manager got in touch with Toyota corporate to see if they would help with the expense of replacing the motor ($8400 quoted). Toyota offered to pay up to $2500 towards the repair if we could pony up $4000, plus tax. I'm still not sure where the rest of that $8400 was going to come from, but honeslty, I don't care.

In summary, the mis-diagnosis of the original problem (right at the warranty expiration period) of a blown head gasket excalated to needing a whole new motor. David Maus Toyota takes zero ownership in the original mis-diagnosis they ignored, resulting in us needing to come up with $4000 towards a new motor to keep this vehicle on the road. Oh how I wish that had did their job right the first time... Turn and burn should be their catch phrase. Throw some parts at it and hope it was right, just get the money and get em out...

If you have a choice of where to bring your toyota for service, I urge you to seek assistance elsewhere (unless you're my enemy, then David Maus is just the ticket for you)

P.S. AFTER taking our vehicle to David Maus Toyota and having issues with service we started conversing with friends, neighbors and acquaintances about our experiences. We dicoverd, to our horror, that NOONE had a good thing to say about this dealership. Boy how I wish we had gotten that info before making this very, very expensive mistake.

Unless you have a ton of money that you no longer need and are addicted to anger, frustration, and dishonsty, David Maus Toyota should be avoided.

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