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I took my car to David Maus Toyota where I bought my Camry because inside the windows I was getting a moldy/musty smell. They checked inside the doors to make sure there wasn't some kind of blockage and water buildup, which there was not.

First they changed the air filter, didn't help. Then they replaced the molding on the driver side front door. The smell went away in that window. They waited a few weeks to make sure it worked, which it did.

Then I took it back for them to correct the other windows, but they didn't want to go to that expense. They tried putting the ozone machine inside to see if that would work. They didn't want to go to the expense of changing the molding on the other windows if it wasn't necessary. It didn't work so I took it back a week later.

Then they decided that it was my fault because I don't park in a garage. A car is supposed to be outside! The rain shouldn't get inside the doors and mold the molding! I have never heard of anyone ever having this problem with any car.

Karen at David Maus said that with all the rain we have had lately that the window jams just haven't had time to dry, so it molds and gets musty. She has had no reports of this happening to anyone else. It is an act of nature. I'm sorry, but if the rubber was not faulty and was placed correctly rain shouldn't be able to get in.

They fixed the one window, but refuse to fix the others. This really *** me off! I paid good money for this car, have had it a year and a half and now have to breathe mold spores because they refuse to fix their faulty product. Now the rubber on the trunk is starting to smell moldy too!

My husband died a few months ago and I have lost my job and have two young children to support so I can not afford to pay for them to fix their faulty windows.

But they just don't care!

Monetary Loss: $23000.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #44555

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Your complaint sounds so familiar.

They lied and said that I had several oil leaks that miraculously appeared. Strange because I don't have any oil stains in my driveway and I've gotten several oil changes due to my distance to work. Imagine that. Trying to validate their lie they stated that I opt to repair only 'one ' of those leaks.

How ridiculous does that sound after already having given them thousands of dollars. What a major insult. The sad thing was, they were'nt even conspicuous, it was so blatant. So, that tells me that they have mastered the game.

Holidays are coming up....Fliers will be great, tell one, tell all.

I'm awaiting a response from Consumer Services, if I don't get one very, very soon the real work will begin. They service department is near the malls and several major stores(hint, hint).

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #44540

I can honestly say that I can not relate to your situation completely, you have had some devastating times recently. However, I can say that I totally relate to you in regards to David Maus Toyota.

Go to Bad Business/Service(on this site) and you'll find ways to hold them accountable. They must be held accountable when they simply do not do what is right. It only takes a moment, to file a legitimate complaint. Good Luck and definitely follow-up.

They expect for you to say o.k. "take my hard money" or "I'm complaining, but I'm not doing anything about it". That's exactly what they want you to do. Stay at it, until you're satisfied.

Tell EVERYONE, and Fliers will be great especially if they're determined to not do what's right (in expensive- keep them factual). I'm going to fight to the end .

Again, Good Luck and God Bless you and your family. You are in my prayers.

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