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While wintering in Florida, we took our Avalon to David Maus Toyota in Sanford, Fl for it's 60,000 mile service. The car was returned with greasy foot prints all over the drivers floor mat, which took them an hour to clean when we returned to the dealer. But wait! When we drove home to Indiana a couple days later, we found oil on our garage floor. Our local dealer determined the oil plug was loose, no new gasket had been installed, and we had lost over a quart of oil on the drive home. But this is not the end of the story.

When we took our car to our local dealer for it's next scheduled service, they informed me that the radiator coolant overflow reservoir had been topped off with power steering or transmission fluid! True story! This contamination corroded the radiator seals and hoses, costing me more than $250 in repairs. This error is even dumber than not tightening the oil drain plug!

I wrote certified letters to both David Maus and the service consultant, Ty Ostreicher asking for reimbursement to correct their errors. Neither bothered with a reply. For the record, the Certified Technician shown on the inspection report is one M. Corbin.

I strongly recommend you stay away from David Maus Toyota. They provide absolutely the worst service experience I have ever received, and they will make absolutely no effort to make things right. STAY AWAY!

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