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Are you kidding!! Never in my life have I ever came across this kind of customer service.

Stay clear of Collision. Even the Manager was of no help as he in other words basically accused us of lying. The company has neglected to return calls, Yes, even Mr. Maus himself.

We purchased parts we were told would work on the vehicle. We brought them in and after 8 days. A call Finally....... the parts wont work!!

Wow!! I only had one day to return them and that has come and gone. The place we bought them from will not take returns on used Equipment but did give us 2 days to return if needed. Too late now.

We have been ignored, we have been completely bullied by a Large company that think they can..,. I refuse to back down from this!! Im using all resources that I know through my Business, my friends the internet and I called Toyota Inc in California. Much more will come from me.

Tomorrow I have a consultation with a lawyer. Its not the money at this point, its the unacceptable service, attitude and bottom line "Im the big guy and I can do what I want."

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I'm sorry to read what you have had to post and I truly hope that you receive the justice that you deserve. I just wish I would have read these comments on the experiences that people have had before I purchased my vehicle there.

I received more of the same bad service. The courting is good but when the sale is complete, they do whatever it takes to do as little as they can. I will pursue them as well.

They aren't members of the BBB either (Go Figure). Don't stop until you get justice.

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