My next Toyota will be a Honda and not from David Maus. Maus and his service department or better yet, lack of service department has had three tries to fix what appeared to be a simply repair, "replacement of a rear defogger". The first "try" was no problem found except the rear window maybe dirty, did they clean it, nope, I needed to.

Really, so I bought the car back the next morning and showed the service manger, or lack there of that it was not "defogging". Their latest fix / guess was to bring it back next week when the parts arrive, parts did arrive but the the service tech did not, the service manager suggested "well bring it back later this week". I have lost 6 hours of pay and the General Manager's only fix, "we are sorry", in my option yes they are sorry.

My suggestion that your next Toyota also be a Honda, Ford, Jeep, etc.

Brian McCarthy - brian.sencilo@gmail.com

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