Bought a 2010 Toyota Corolla S from David Maus Toyota on 4-11-10 during the day. It was equipped with window tinting.

When I drive at night there is such a reflection in the window tinting along the rear defrost lines that it is dangerously distracting. I have sent them pictures, but they are insisting that I come to their facility at 8:15 p.m. so that their people can drive the car to see what is happening. Even with pictures, it seems they do not believe me.

The window tinting cost me $199.99 and was itemized in the sale price of the car, so it was not thrown in - I paid for it. I have been talking with them for 6 days now and am going out there tonight (4-19-10). It is a major inconvenience. The manager, Randy Wolcott, told me last Friday that he would have someone take one off the lot and drive it to see what happens, but disappointingly, he did not do that.

So now I am being inconvenienced by having to bring it in when my home is a good 50 miles from their dealership. It would make more sense if they would bring me a rental and just take the car back and check it out. I will keep you all informed as to what happens.

I cannot drive it at night with this distraction, and when I do drive, it is very dangerous when I want to change lanes, as it is hard to determine if a lane is empty or not due to all the reflection.

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$199.99? What the heck we still have prices like that.

It is not 1920 anymore people, get with the program. What about charging $200.00 instead, or $190.00

Man, I hate these *** prices.


I purchased a Toyota Corolla S from David Maus Toyota in Sanford last Monday. I am experiencing the same problem with the rear window.

They replaced the dark tint with a lighter one, and the problem is even worse.

Have you gotten any results from them yet? I am very upset.

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