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After buying a brand new Camry at David Maus Toyota, I noticed that a plastic bracket was rubbing on the front tire, It was already ruined. I examined the part more closely and found a fender bolt was missing, and the other side of car was the same way.

Appearently they missed it at the factory. Take it to service, no big deal, RIGHT? WRONG!! After the service advisor gave me a ration of S.

he agreed to fix it. 2hrs later I'm on my way home,happy that it was fixed, but it wasn't fixed. The fender bolts are to small to hold the brackets to the frame.

So here go's round 2. I wonder what kind of *** the service advisor will deal me this time.

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Luckily for you the dealer prepared the car for sale before they let it out the door! And, you probably have a "dealer prep" charge on your sales invoice.

Odd, tho that you would have even an ounce of trouble getting a car fixed under warranty. The dealer gets paid for warranty work, so I wonder what the dealer's side of this story is?

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