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Had my services done on Tuesday 29 June 2010 After my service I drove the truck home with the windows up and parked it. I did not drive it again until Thursday morning where I discovered that ALL OF THE LUG NUTS WERE LOOSE!!

I heard a noise while applying the breaks and when I checked the lug nuts they were all loose!! ON EVERY TIRE!!

I find this very dangerous.I WIll go to this dealers shop one more time to make sure that there has been no damage to the rims or lug nuts after that I will never never never go back to thier shop again!! THOSE PEOPLE COULD HAVE CAUSED AN ACCIDENT WHEREBY SOMEONE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!!!

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After contacting David Maus about this issue they sent out a person to tighten the lug nuts, which I had already done. I was then contacted by Kenny the service manage who set up an appointment to take the truck back to the maintenance department and they checked out the rims and lug for damage.

There was none.

I was asked to remove this post but that does not seem to be possible so I have added this comment. I am still undecided as to if I will take any vehicle back to David Maus for serevice.

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