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I took my 2005 GMC in for Insurance covered hail damage repair. The service coordinator informed me that it would be approximately five days. After almost one full month they called to inform me that the vehicle was ready to be picked up. During this month I had to call repeatedly to find out the status of the repair. It was always, "another day or so". Ok, I can live with that. The repair work seemed to be done well, but...... On inspection some of the trim had not been put back on properly. They fixed it before I left. Once home with the vehicle I noticed the door for the gas cap would not close and was in fact broken. Lights had been disconnected and not reconnected with wiring harneses hanging under the truck.

I took it back the next day and they fixed the wiring but denied knowledge of the damage to the gas cap cover.

I will never go to David Maus again for anything. Customer service was poor and then they broke my vehicle and lied about it. Obviously they have little if any quailty control inspection on jobs they consider done.

In short, I would avoid doing business with David Mauss Collision.

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